Best Pogo Sticks for Adults and Tricks Reviewed

Flybar Super Pogo

Flybar Super Pogo

Our rating: 4.5 stars Very good  

Customer rating: 170+ reviews

Price: $162.29    (or check on Amazon / .ca )

Quality stick for a good price – durable and great for both beginners and advanced riders who want to try the Xpogo.

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Vurtego V4

Vurtego V4

 Our rating: 5 stars Excellent!

 Customer rating: 50+ reviews

Price:    (or check on Amazon / .ca )

The crème de la crème of pogo sticks – expensive but extremely powerful and the ultimate model for tricks.

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Flybar Master

Compared to other models:

  • Flybar Super Pogo is a classical adult pogo stick, not overly expensive and very good for tricks as well.
  • For those who want an entirely different pogo jumping experience (just watch the video below 🙂 ), there is the Vurtego V4.
  • And for lighter adults or teenagers the Flybar Master might be a good (and cheaper) alternative.

The best pogo stick for adults should be sturdy, durable and also offer good jumping capabilities, as many riders would like to proceed to tricks and higher jumps after they master the basics. So based on these presumptions we would recommend you the following ones:


Model Type Price UK CA Our rating   For Weight limit Age Jump height Weight
Flybar Super Pogo Spring $162.29 .ca 4.5 stars 120-210 lbs 14+ 3-4 ft 14 lbs
Vurtego V4 Air piston .ca 5 stars 75-400 lbs 10 ft 11-12 lbs
Flybar Master Spring $44.99* .ca 4.5 stars 80-160 lbs 9+ 2-3 ft 7.8 lbs

* depends on color variation

The Super Pogo from Flybar is a popular and quality pogo stick for a good price – so if you need a reliable model for tricks or just some bouncing fun and don’t want to spend too much money, this is the one for you.

On the other hand, the Vurtego V4 is something completely different – a beast that can get you even 10 feet high in the air, unmatched in build quality and customer rating. Thanks to the air pressure system it offers very smooth ride and even people with 300 pounds or more can use it!

And we should mention also the Master from Flybar: with its weight limit of 80-160 pounds it’s suitable only for lighter adults and has limited trick possibilities – but its big advantage is the low price.

Flybar Super Pogo:


Vurtego V4:

Meet the Vurtego V4 | Extreme Pogo Stick

Flybar Master:

Flybar Foam Master Pogo Stick Black Silver


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