Best Pogo Sticks for Kids Reviewed

Flybar Maverick

Flybar Maverick

 Our rating: 4.5 stars Very good

 Customer rating: 4.5 stars 800+ reviews

Price: from $29.65*    (or check on Amazon / .ca )

Popular and high quality model – sturdy, durable and inexpensive, plus with a nice foam padding and many colors to choose from.

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Fisher-Price Grow-to-Pro

Compared to other models:

  • For the vast majority of juniors the Flybar Maverick would be perfect.
  • For younger kids (or if you’re afraid your child may have trouble learning how to pogo) the Grow-to-Pro is a good alternative.
  • And for older children or teenagers, get the Flybar Master. Or there is also the Vurtego V4 – much more powerful but also expensive.

The best pogo stick for kids should offer decent jumping possibilities, be safe and easy to use – and a nice color design won’t hurt either 🙂 Based on those requirements we would recommend you the following models – all of them use the classical spring mechanism, they just differ in weight limit and power:


Type Price UK CA Our rating For Weight limit Age Jump height Weight Height Warranty
Spring from $29.65* .ca 4.5 stars 40-80 lbs 5-9 1-2 ft 6 lbs 36" 1 year
Spring $81.74 .ca 4.5 stars 60 lbs 5-8 1-2 ft 6.4 lbs N/A N/A
Spring from $35.99* .ca 4.5 stars 80-160 lbs 9+ 2-3 ft 7.8 lbs 41" 1 year
Air piston $439.00 .ca 5 stars 75-400 lbs 10 ft 11-12 lbs 49" / 54" / 59" 1 year

* depends on color variation

The Maverick from Flybar is a popular and high quality pogo stick – and with its weight limit 40-80 pounds it’s suitable for most kids between 5 and 9 years. It’s sturdy, durable and the foam padding makes it very comfortable; plus there are many color variations to choose from.

The Grow-to-Pro from Fisher-Price is designed for slightly smaller riders – between 35 and 60 pounds. It’s well made and durable as well and even features a removable base for easier learning – after your son or daughter gets comfortable on it, you just remove it and use the rubber tip.

Now let’s talk about the Master from Flybar – as you can see from the chart above, it’s dedicated to older kids, teenagers and even some adults as the weight limit is 80-160 pounds. Like the Maverick it uses the foam padding as well and thanks to its bigger power it can be even used for tricks.

And last but not least, the Vurtego V4 – designed mainly for adults but thanks to the air pressure regulation it’s suitable even for older children. It’s the ultimate stick for tricks, offers great power and durability but the price is higher.

Flybar Maverick:

Fisher-Price Grow-to-pro:

Flybar Master:

Vurtego V4: