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The Flybar Foam Master is a great pogo stick for anyone who wants to start with this activity – older children, women or even men up to 160 pounds. It’s sturdy, safe and durable, you can choose from various color designs and even order spare parts.


  • Well made, durable, safe
  • Many color variations
  • Replacable parts
  • lower durability when used for extreme tricks
Flybar Foam Master Pogo Stick Black Silver

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Mainly for older children and beginners

a guy jumping on the Master stick on a pavementThe Flybar Master is dedicated to older children, pogo sticking beginners or even intermediate users.

Many people are asking if it’s suitable for them or their kids so let’s talk about that first: the most important factor is your (or the kid’s) weight. It is suitable for 80-160 pounds which means children over 8 or 9 years, women or even men who fall into this weight category.

Height isn’t that critical, it’s comfortable even if you are almost 6 feet tall – but it bottoms during every jump if the rider has more than 160 pounds. And on the other hand, kids under 80 pounds may have difficulties when trying to press the spring.

Children just love it – it’s a great exercise for them, improves their balance, looks cool and most importantly it’s a lot of fun! Plus you can select your preferred color design – see the picture below.

The foot pads offer a solid grip and the Master is able to bounce about 2 or 3 feet up in the air so you can even perform some tricks on it (see the videos above). Just bear in mind it isn’t designed for some heavy trick usage and therefore cannot offer the same durability as with regular use.

Well made and durable

The Foam Master comes fully assembled and offers quality material and durability – it can withstand a lot of abuse by kids, it’s sturdy and well made. The foam padding makes it really comfortable to jump on as the metal parts don’t bump into your legs.

Just the handlebars wore out a bit faster – but you can always order replacements. And as we have already mentioned, the durability is not that great if a heavier person uses it for some more extreme tricks.

Also, there was a problem with broking the bottom rubber tip in the past – however, the tip has been redesigned in 2004 and works great since then.

Conclusion:  If you want to start pogo jumping or if you are looking for a nice present for your child or friend, the Master Pogo Stick from Flybar would be a great choice – it’s well made, durable and provides a lot of fun! We can definitely recommend it.

However, for smaller kids get rather the Maverick version which is suitable for 40-80 lbs weight. Also, the Master isn’t ideal for adults or extreme tricks – if that’s what you need, we would recommend you the Flybar Super Pogo or even the Vurtego V4.

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performing tricks on the Flybar Master      color variations of the Master pogo stick


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