How to Use a Pogo Stick


Have you already bought the ideal pogo stick for you or your kid? Then it is time to learn how to ride it! It isn’t difficult at all, just take a look at the videos we present here, read our tips and you’ll be jumping in no time!


Start with watching this quick video, we’ll also discuss the most important points after that 😉

How to: learn to Pogo (pogo stick)

So let’s talk a bit more about the basics now and add also some tips not mentioned in the video:

1. Safety first

pogo jumping on concrete

  • Start on a firm, clear and flat area, for example a concrete sidewalk or driveway to your garage.
  • Avoid slippery surfaces (wet wood for example) at all costs! Soft surfaces like grass or sand are also not a good idea as the stick can bog down easily.
pogo helmet

  • Always wear a helmet! As you are jumping on a hard surface, any fall can be dangerous.
  • And also check the rubber tip on the bottom frequently for any signs of deterioration.

2. The actual pogo jumping

  • Start with placing one foot on the footrest
  • Then press that foot down slightly to engage the spring, place the second foot on the pedal as well and do your first jump
  • You’ll probably start to tip before making the jump but don’t fight it, just jump in that direction – as it can be seen in this video:

How to ride a pogo stick

Take your time, do just that one jump and leave the stick, then do it again a few more times – and after you get more comfortable, start adding more and more jumps.

Pull the handlebars towards your body and hold the stick tightly against your legs – do not lean away! Take a look at this video for even clearer explanation:

Learning to Fly Tutorial

How to move – and after you master bouncing on the same place, try to jump around – just tilt the pogo stick in the desired direction as it can be seen in the first video.

Kids and toddlers – most of the little children have absolutely no problem learning how to use a pogo stick. Only some of them are just bobbing up and down a little and complain it’s too stiff – so explain them the key is to hop using full weight, not just bounce on it 🙂

3. What next?

Pogo tricks are waiting for you

Congratulations, you’ve just mastered the pogo stick basics – so go out and enjoy it!

But the journey doesn’t end here:

  • You can start counting how many consecutive jumps you can make, race with your friend over a distance or play some other game.
  • And you can even start learning tricks! Starting with the easiest ones like jumping with only one foot, without hands or up and down stairs and proceeding to the more and more difficult stunts. And maybe one day you’ll master even the backflip 🙂




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