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The Kidoozie Foam Pogo Jumper is an interesting cheaper alternative to the traditional pogo sticks, mainly for toddlers but older kids or parents can enjoy it as well. Absolutely safe and easy to use.

  • Safe, easy to learn
  • Even for older kids and parents
  • not a real pogo stick
Kidoozie Pogo Jumper

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Not a classical pogo

a boy having fun on the foam pogo jumperContrary to the traditional pogo sticks, the Kidoozie Foam Jumper uses an entirely different mechanism. It even isn’t a stick, just a foam block with a rubber band and handles – and that presents several advantages and disadvantages as well:

Safety – it’s as safe as it can possibly be, there are no hard parts and it doesn’t enable any powerful (and potentially dangerous) jumps – so it’s great for toddlers and young kids who may encounter problems with a classical stick with a spring inside. It’s also really easy to learn jumping on it.

Almost no weight and height limit – while it’s designed mainly for children at least 3 years old, it’s nice that older kids and adults can use as well. The weight limit is about 250 pounds and there is basically no height requirement as you just stretch the bungee a bit more to accommodate your height.

Paradoxically, the only problem with height can occur with very small kids as they have to raise their arms to stretch the band (see the second video above).

Indoors and outdoors – thanks to the foam, it can be used indoors without any fears that you’ll damage the floor – it works great on both carpet or hardwood. And outdoor usage on grass or concrete is also fine, just be careful on rough or dirty surfaces – the foam will wear down faster and is quite hard to clean.

Most kids love this toy – it’s a good exercise, coordination and balance training and most importantly a lot of fun. And what’s surprising is that even older children and parents like to try it and enjoy the bouncing as well.

But of course, don’t expect jumping similar to a classical pogo stick, it’s just a foam block with rubber band, not a spring – so some people just find it boring. Plus the foam squeaks during each jump (see the video above) and while most of the people like it, some find it annoying. So decide for yourself 🙂

Quality of material

As other similar toys it comes assembled and the quality is good for the price – handles are comfortable and the foam is soft and quite durable (only hard to wash as we have already written). Just one user reported breaking the handle (a short plastic tube is used there).

Conclusion:  If you are looking for a cheap and safe jumping toy, the Kidoozie Foam Pogo Jumper would be a good choice. It can be used by older children or adults as well, both indoors and outdoors. We can definitely recommend it.

However, it’s not a classical pogo stick and some people find it boring – so if your kid would rather enjoy bigger jumps, take a look at the Grow-to-Pro or Flybar Maverick.

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