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My First Flybar is inspired by a pogo stick design but uses a foam block and a flexible rubber band instead of a spring – which makes it great for toddlers as it is really safe and easy to use.

  • Safe, easy to learn
  • Even for older kids and parents
  • Color variations
  • not a real pogo stick
Flybar My First Pogo

Not a classical pogo

a boy standing on the pogo jumperMy First Flybar is not a classical pogo stick with sturdy metal frame and spring inside – it’s just a foam block on which the kid stands, connected with handles via a flexible bungee cord.

That means it doesn’t enable the traditional vigorous pogo jumping, but only small leaps. And while some people may find it boring, most of them love it as it also presents several advantages over the metal pogo sticks:

It’s super light and very easy to ride, even for the 3 year old toddlers who cannot use a pogo stick yet. And thanks to the rubber band, older children and even adults can use it as well, they just stretch it a little more – it stretches approximately from 12″ to 20″ and the weight limit is 250 pounds.

Many buyers reported they bought it for their little one but his 7 or 8 year old sibling likes to bounce on it as well – and as it is fairly cheap, you can even buy two of them and let you kids race across the room or garden 🙂

The safety is a great plus as well, you don’t have to worry about your kid loosing balance and falling over – it doesn’t enable any bigger jumps and there are no hard pieces, just a soft foam.

It can be used both indoors and outdoors which makes it great for rainy days, it won’t damage a wooden floor. And it’s simply a lot of fun, the design is really cute and it also squeaks during each jump which most of the kids find adorable. Plus it provides a good workout and balance training as well!

Quality of material

The My First Flybar uses a solid quality foam – soft and not prone to ripping, the handles are covered with a foam grip as well and are easy to grab by both toddlers and older kids. It comes in three different colors – red, blue and pink – and fully assembled. All in all it’s well made, the only reported problem (by two users from 70 reviews so far) is breaking the rubber band during jumping.

Conclusion: My First Flybar is perfect for all the young kids who are too small to use a classical pogo stick – it’s cheap, safe, can be used indoors as well and older children or adults can enjoy it too. We can definitely recommend it.

However, it doesn’t enable the real pogo action – so if your kid would rather enjoy bigger jumps, take a look at the Grow-to-Pro or Flybar Maverick.

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