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The Razor Gogo is a good pogo stick for kids above 6 years – it’s well made, durable and the frame is sturdy but also lightweight. On the other hand, many users report the spring is just too stiff.

  • Well made, sturdy, durable
  • Inexpensive
  • stiffness problem (see below)
  • no foam around the shaft
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For kids and teenagers

a boy jumping on the Razor pogo stickAccording to its weight and age limit, the Razor Gogo lies somewhere in-between the Flybar sticks Maverick and Master – it’s suitable for anyone with weight up to 140 pounds (and even more but then the stick starts becoming too short).

The lower limit is not officially set, but from users’ experience we can assume the rider should weigh at least about 60 lbs.

Most of the kids love it, riding a pogo stick is great fun – and a nice workout too! Unfortunately, many users found the spring too stiff and difficult to make it bounce – some of them reported it got the right bouncing abilities after a few jumping sessions, but some didn’t notice any changes and had to return the item.

Sturdy and well made

The construction is on a very solid level – the aluminum frame is lightweight but really sturdy and the whole stick is durable and well made. And it also looks cool and attractive, the colors are nice and shiny, only there are no variations to choose from.

You can even fold the footrests and handlebars to make the Gogo more portable – but it seems more like a marketing feature to differentiate it from other sticks, in reality you save only a few inches in width, the length stays the same of course.


We can say most of the parts are perfectly ok – the spring system is fully enclosed, frame is durable enough and the rubber tip on the bottom is fine as well.

Only the rectangular shaft is not covered with foam (like those Flybar sticks) so some kids can get a few bruises from knee bumping against the frame before they get used to the stick.

Conclusion:  The Gogo from Razor is a good pogo stick for children – unfortunately, the problem with stiff spring in some pieces is dragging it down. So we would rather recommend you the Flybars – Maverick for younger (40-80 lbs) and Master for older kids or teenagers (80-160 lbs) – their other advantages are the foam cover around the shaft and many color variations to choose from.

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Or find on Amazon   .co.uk  or  .ca


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