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The Flybar Foam Maverick makes an ideal introduction to pogo stick jumping for young kids – they will love this toy! It’s sturdy, safe and durable, you can choose from various color designs and even order spare parts.

  • Well made, durable, safe
  • Many color variations
  • Replacable parts
  • none
Flybar Foam Maverick Pogo Stick

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For juniors

a boy jumping on a pogo stick on the streetThe Flybar Maverick is designed for all kids who want to start riding a pogo stick – the weight limit is from 40 to 80 pounds so approximately 5-9 years old ones. And according to users, that weight range corresponds to reality, only it bottoms quite a lot when kids with more than 70 pounds jump on it.

The foot pads are wide enough and it’s easy to maneuver – so it won’t be difficult for your little one to learn how to jump. It’s a great toy and kids love it.

It improves their balance, provides a good workout and most importantly it’s a lot of fun! Many parents report how thrilled they children are when setting a jumping record (how many consecutive jumps they can make) and then trying to break it.

Well made and durable

This pogo stick comes fully assembled and seems very well made – the metal parts are sturdy and also covered by a foam padding for increased protection and comfort. And this toy is durable as well – users report no problems even after two years of frequent use. Plus in case something wears down, you can even order spare parts.

It is also fairly light so perfect for taking on vacations with you.


With jumping toys like this one, safety is a top priority – and we can say this model meets all the requirements. The spring is not exposed, the foam padding prevents hurting insides of the kid’s legs and all parts are durable enough. At the top, the metal pipe is covered by a rubber cap secured by a screw so no risk should come from this part, just occasionally make sure it isn’t loose.

In the past there was an issue with the rubber tip on the bottom which wore down easily and made the pogo stick unsafe – however, the tip has been redesigned, it’s bigger and heavier now and no problems were reported since then.

Conclusion:  If you are looking for a new toy for your kid, the Maverick Pogo Stick from Flybar would be a great choice – it’s well made, safe and durable and pogo sticking is a great fun! Also great as a Christmas or birthday present – we can definitely recommend it.

Its weight limit is 40-80 pounds – so if your child weighs more, get rather the Master Stick.

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kid jumping from an elevated spot      color variations of the Maverick pogo stick


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