Best Pogo Sticks for Toddlers Reviewed

Kidoozie Foam Jumper

Kidoozie Foam Jumper

Our rating: 4.5 stars Very good  

Customer rating: 1700+ reviews

Price: $17.99    (or check on Amazon / .ca )

Not a real pogo stick, it uses a foam block and rubber band – but suitable even for 3 years old. And older ones or parents can try it as well.

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My First Flybar

Compared to other models:

  • All the foam jumpers are basically the same, the Kidoozie is currently the most popular on the market.
  • If you prefer the Flybar brand or want to choose a color of the stick, get the My First Flybar.
  • And if you want a true pogo stick, check out the Grow-to-Pro or Flybar Maverick.

The best pogo stick for toddlers and young kids 3, 4 or 5 years old should be perfectly safe and easy to use – so most people choose a foam jumper instead of a classical pogo stick with spring inside. There is no hard part on them and they also don’t enable any big jumps so it’s almost impossible for the toddlers to hurt themselves. And learning how to bounce on them is really easy.

But some kids find them boring and want to experience a true pogo action, so we have added two classical sticks to the comparison as well:


Model Type Price UK CA Our rating   For Weight limit Age Jump height Weight
Kidoozie Foam Jumper Foam + rubber band $17.99 .ca 4.5 stars 250 lbs 3+ 0.5-1 ft 1 lbs
My First Flybar Foam + rubber band $14.99 .ca 4.5 stars 250 lbs 3+ 0.5-1 ft 0.85 lbs
Fisher-Price Grow-to-Pro Classical .ca 4.5 stars 60 lbs 5-8 1-2 ft 6.4 lbs
Flybar Maverick Classical $39.93* .ca 4.5 stars 40-80 lbs 5-9 1-2 ft 6 lbs

* depends on color variation

Both the Kidoozie and My First Flybar use the same design – a foam block with rubber band and handles, practically the only difference is that the Flybar is available in 3 different color – red, blue and pink. And what’s interesting is that thanks to the foam, there is almost no weight limit so even older kids or parents can try it as well.

On the other hand, the Grow-to-Pro from Fisher-Price is a classical jumping stick – but with an interesting concept: there is a large base for easier learning and when your kid gets comfortable, you just remove it and use the rubber tip.

The Maverick from Flybar is a popular and high quality model – the frame is covered in foam for additional comfort and safety and there are many color variations to choose from. However, the minimum weight of the rider should be at least 40 pounds so it’s not a classical toddler pogo stick.

Kidoozie Foam Jumper:

Kidoozie Pogo Jumper

My First Flybar:

Flybar My First Pogo

Fisher-Price Grow-to-pro:

"Grow to Pro" fun!

Flybar Maverick:

Flybar Foam Maverick Pogo Stick


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