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The Flybar Super Pogo is a universal pogo stick for teenagers, adults or seniors – very good both for beginners and extreme pogo enthusiast. If offers sturdy construction, nice grip on foot pads and durable rubber tip – plus it isn’t overly expensive.


  • Well made, sturdy, durable
  • Great for tricks
  • knee bumping before you get used to the stick
FLYBAR Super Pogo Stick

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For beginners and tricks enthusiasts as well

jumping from an elevated position while executing the Switch cheese trickSuper Pogo is dedicated to all teenagers, adults or seniors – the advertised weight limit is from 120 to 210 pounds but users report it’s perfectly suitable even for 240 pounds.

On the other hand, the spring is just too stiff for children and even some adults may have problem with it initially – but don’t let that discourage you, it also makes this stick great for powerful jumps and riding it becomes a nice workout.

And while it’s good for beginners, the power of the spring combined with sturdy construction, heavy-duty rubber tip and large foot pads with good grip makes it great for pogo tricks as well (see the videos above).

There are even better sticks for that purpose but in much higher price range – so if you would like to learn pogo jumping and advance into tricks and xpogo later, this would be a perfect choice.

Construction and “knee bumping”

The Super Pogo uses an open frame design so you can see the sturdy metal frame right away (also, it comes fully assembled). It’s well constructed, durable, the handles are comfortable to hold and as we have already written, the foot pads are big enough and have a nice grip.

Some users mentioned a problem with getting bruises from banging their knees against the frame – so Flybar changed the design which helped a bit but it seems the problem is still there.

The good news is the bumping occurs only for a week or so, before you get used to the stick and change the way how you hold your legs – then all the bruises are gone. Or you can also use small pieces of water pipe insulation to protect your legs 😉

Conclusion:  The Super Pogo from Flybar is a great choice for anyone in the 120-240 lbs weight range – no matter if you are beginner or intermediate jumper who wants to get into tricks, it will serve you well. We can definitely recommend it.

But for older children or teenagers under 120 pounds, the spring would be too stiff – so we would rather recommend the Foam Master stick.

Also, if you want to get into the most extreme tricks and highest jumps, take a look at the Vurtego V4 – it’s much more expensive than the Super Pogo but definitely worth the price.

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doing the Malcolm X trick on the Super Pogo      another trick - the Peg Tap


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